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Industries using Jack-Frost Subzero Reefers

Zero Hero Sub Zero Reefers for Pickup Trucks

Convert your pickup truck to an affordable, efficient, cool or cold delivery pickup with the addition of a sub zero reefer from CMF Corporation.  Slip-in freezers for pickup trucks can be removed anytime.

Industries using Jack-Frost Subzero Reefers for Pickup Trucks

(All products can be equipped for temperature ranges from 20 to +35 degrees F.)
  • Meat Home Delivery for premium home delivered meats
  • Hotshot (gofer) frozen delivery vehicles
  • Perishable Products Delivery such as grocery home delivery
  • Frozen Seafood Transport
  • Creamery Ice Cream Trucks
  • Blood and Vaccine Transport
  • Medical specimen Transport
  • Temperature Controlled Medicine Transport
  • Emergency Response Frozen Materials Transport
  • Franchise Frozen Deliveries
  • Munitions and Explosives Transport and Mobile Storage
  • Laboratory and Forensics Supply Transport
  • Specialty Food Delivery
  • Remote Slaughtering Facility for injured livestock and hunting
  • Rural Morgue Vehicle
  • Mortuary Vehicle
  • Rental & Leased Subzero Refrigerator Equipped Pickups and Trailers
  • Sporting Event Delivery
  • Fishing Bait Delivery and Mobile Storage